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Willkommen an der Elisabeth-von-Thadden-Schule!

15 years after the mysterious suicide of high school student Kay Hofman, the police have invited six of her friends and her former English teacher back to their old school to re-open her case. Revisiting the places of their youth they stumble across long-forgotten memories and soon find themselves in a labyrinth of jealousy, betrayal and hate, in which many questions have been left unanswered: Why did Kay’s former English teacher quit her job only weeks after the tragic incident? Why does Kay’s former boyfriend not want to talk about the past? Why is everybody still suspicious of the “new girl”, who arrived only weeks before Kay’s death? Why does Kay’s greatest rival still maintain that she was happy to see her dead? And finally, with so many facts still in the dark, how can the police be sure that Kay really killed herself?

Come and help the two detectives find answers to these questions in this gripping, immersive whodunnit, where the audience gets to walk from scene to scene and do the investigating.

Scenes will take place indoors as well as outdoors, so please dress accordingly. Limited wheelchair accessibility!

Order tickets here

To reserve tickets for What We Did, please call the school's secretaries' office on 06221-82720 or send an email to

Tickets are € 8.- and concessions € 5.-

Please note that tickets need to be collected three working days before the performance.

It is advisable to buy tickets in advance since audience numbers are restricted to 60 people per performance.


Former American High School - Mark Twain Village Heidelberg

How to find us

For a location plan and directions to our Venue please see

Meeting Point: Corner of Feuerbachstraße and Elsa-Brandström-Straße.

Late comers will not be admitted.